Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Having A Wild Weekend Part 2

After skating the worst run skate park in the history of Western Civilization for a few hours, Errol showed up to save the day. He had not one, but two backyarders. Jah must luv us or some other such bullshit.
I'm calling this one the Apricot Pool since we had to spend a good half hour scraping sun baked apricots out of the flat bottom. This one was a permission pool. The home owner was super cool and sat in a lawn chair watching us skate while drinking the beer we brought him.
Santa Cruz loc and backyard wizard Errol Griffin with a crail grab grind over the missing light. Lance would not approve!
Matt Sneddon spreading his wings on a frontside grind. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the gem that is The Powder Pool.

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Anonymous said...

I hate everyone that lives in California! I HATE you guys!!! You have too much good stuff to skate!