Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 Chilibowl at Potrero Del Sol pics and video

If you didn't go, you better be dead or in jail. This year's Chilibowl was just about perfect. This was, by far, the biggest Chilibowl yet. Huge turnout. From the looks of the crowd, lots of Dolores Park locs were on Lurker Hill overlooking the park. Potential Halloween costumes and/or those that look like they were in a thrift store explosion were everywhere. I'm not much for contests in general but this is the only one I make a point of attending every year. Hats off to Toad and Salmon for putting it all together. Also, thanks for having it at Potrero again this year and not Crocker Amazon. I didn't get good shots of everyone, just some of my personal faves. Good times.
Eric Shea killing it with his "Chili con Barney". Check the McGill sticker, patron saint of all Barneys.
He actually stayed in character all day. Keep an eye out for his Concrete Wave interview soon.
Small Beating honcho Chad "Chud" Jackson spooning his brau.
A sensible lunch at my 2nd favorite tacqueria.
Chris Henderson, proper tuck-knee frontside air. 8th place, seriously???
Morris Kyle f/s 5-0
Raven Tershay, b/s disaster.
Mason Merlino, b/s boneless
Tony Trujillo & Trixie of Bad Shit doing an unannounced set right before the finals.
Robbie Russo, f/s 5-0
Robbie Russo f/s smith
Jerry "Man Baby" Gurney, f/s smith
The pride of Livermore and Chilibowl winner, Brad McLane, b/s disaster
Raven Tershay, b/s smith
Raven Tershay, b/s ollie
Raven Tershay, f/s air.
Nuts to this.

Awesome footage courtesy of HenryHop02


Anonymous said...

best day ever and the trim level was off the charts! -johnny lurk

freakbeatfuzz said...

Agreed on all counts! Weird seeing so many girls at Potrero. No complaints here. It's usually a sausage-fest.

Anonymous said...

way too much fun for a contest. can't wait for next year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Brad!

Anonymous said...

that video is way better than the one thrasher has posted.