Friday, April 15, 2011

Neil Blender show Thalia Surf/Vans Laguna Beach 4/7/11

*all photos by Neil Blender unless otherwise noted.
photo: Germ Child
photo: Mark Waters
photo: Mark Waters
Spidey, Neil, Conklin, Germ Child & Nagop
"Pink Shirt Dude"
"Paint Eater"
"Listen To Me"
"Impala Drift"
"House With Red Car"
"House/ Night"
"House With Chimney"
"Heated Drinker"
"Elephant Seal"
"Dog Thoughts"
"Dodge Dart"
"Ditch Rider"
"Alfa Romeo"
"Purple Lady"
"Random Smoker" & "Shapes"
"Birdbath" & "Smoking Squirrel"
"Vet Care"
"Viewing Molecules"
Neil & Lance. photo: Jaime Owens
photo: Jaime Owens
photo: Jaime Owens
"Distant Quarter" photo: Jaime Owens

Al Partanen

Easily my favorite clip of the past 5 years. Awesome song is by The King Khan & BBQ Show "Zombies".