Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome to the team Matt Moffett

The skateboard company that cannot be killed has done it again. Ripper supreme Matt Moffett will have his first model on SMALL BEATING out October 1st. Check the newly updated site with Chud and Nelson's Oregon tour via Mini Cooper(?!) plus, the gnarliest pool ever, THE SNORT FORT. The new batch of PS Stix-pressed decks with all new shapes will be in soon. Quit fucking around. Demand that your local shop carry Small Beating or if they are lame just contact Small Beating directly to get the goods.


BLKPRJKT said...

SNORRRT FFFFORRRT!!! Sick! That Moffett graphic is epic, can't wait to meet up with the boys in PDX!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Matt! That guy kills it. Hyped that Small Beating is giving him a board.