Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Mynah Birds "I've Got You In My Soul"

Yes, believe it or not, Rick James and Neil Young were in a group together in the mid-60's. They were signed to Motown and recorded an album's worth of material. They were dropped from the label before anything could be released due to Rick getting busted for being AWOL from The Army. This song would have been perfect for the Nuggets box set had their material been released when originally intended. To me, they sound like a funkier version of The Rolling Stones. Rick was a total Mick Jagger imitator which is ironic considering that Mick imitated practically every American soul singer in the book. It's baffling that Neil did not release this material on his recent massive "Archives Vol. 1 1963-1972" 10-disc set. He probably couldn't get permission from Motown to include it. For the Mynah Birds' full story click here.


Anonymous said...

this is awesome! thanks for posting! xx, megan

Anonymous said...

So hard to believe those two would be in a group together!