Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oregon/Washington Trip 2010 Mega Post

This trip was originally going to be friends and most of the Small Beating team. Somehow, it got whittled down to just me and Matt again this year. Whatever, we still had a blast. We hit less spots this year by leaving out turds like the park in Toledo. Lincoln City had another new addition this year, a weird ski-jamp/race track plus a new bowl with the best coping I've ever skated. The coping had little rocks in the mixture and made the raddest sound while doing grinds. We hit: Weed, CA, Jacksonville, Winston, Lincoln City, Newberg, Donald, Burnside, Hollyfarm, Glenhaven Gabriel, Battle Ground, WA, Mark Conahan's backyard bowl in PDX and Hood River. I didn't get shots of every place because I'd rather be skating than taking pics...

View of Mt. Shasta from Weed, CA skate park
Picture postcard. Weed, CA
Jacksonville, OR

Winston, OR
Lincoln City, new bowl
Devin Scott, Lincoln City, OR

Sorry Morrissey
Devin Scott, Lincoln City

Matt Sneddon, Lincoln City
Gelnhaven, Portland, OR

Mark Conhan's back yarder
Burnside, Portland, OR

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