Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soul Possession with Ben Hamper

OK, soul-fiends, check out my friend Ben's radio show SOUL POSSESSION. He's on every Friday but you can check out his archived shows in the meantime. He plays the real stuff, not some weak Northern Soul Dionne Warwick imitator pap. He's best known for his novel "Rivethead: Tales From The Assembly Line". You may have seen Ben in Michael Moore's first film, "Roger & Me". He was the hoops playing mental patient. He was also on Moore's short- lived "TV Nation" program and hosted the "Take No Prisoners" cable access show.

In this clip: classic Hamper telling the Today Show how it really is, in action riveting on the line, pounding quarts in the parking lot and even belting out "Rat Like Me".

promo for "Take No Prisoners"

Ben's piece for TV Nation in search of condoms for the less-than-average man.

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the bukowski of GM!