Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chad Jackson interview

Shallow-end 5-0 at the kookiest park in the universe.

Any Bridges left you would still like to burn?
CJ: All my bridges were burned by someone else, from the other side! I swear, it's not my fault...
How does it feel to be an in-demand graphic artist for other skate companies without pay?
CJ: You know this whole thing is just a game...comes around goes around. HA.
When was the last time you gave a fuck?
CJ: Clash at Clairmont.
What exactly is the "attitude",Rat?
CJ: The attitude dictates that you don't care if they blunt, flip, grind, or spin, your wheels are still rollin'.
How many pros have looked at your garage ramp death trap and said "No thanks."
CJ: Half. Blackheart rode it like a man and took slams, I love Rick. Rick the Dick.
Did you ask Santa for a new knee and shoulder?
CJ: Santa Clause doesn't exist, I'm still alive that's all I know...
Last Eggplant? Tuck knee or no?
CJ: Milpitas Vans Ramp 2000, tuck knee=Krap Nek (Ken Park) fuckin' yuck!
s "Old Man River" a nickname you hope to aqcuire in the coming years?
CJ: That's what they use to call me, now they just call me "look the fuck out!"
Which gets you more stoked to skate "The Heat Is On" or "Hard-luck Woman"?
CJ: "The Heat Is On" is great for backtailslides in the morning, "Hard-luck Woman" is what you feel like when you slam in the morning.
When are you going to get a shoe sponsor? I'm tired of seeing your toes popping up like a "Whack-a-mole" game.
CJ: Mark Waters, you're my only hope, EMERICA or nothing at all!
Does the phrase,"Sooner or later everyone takes a Small Beating" ring true?
CJ: Sooner and later, I hope. Ride Independent trucks.

Interview by Jason Duncan


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That middle finger graphic has been ripped off by Anti Hero many times over the years. It was used by Small Beating first.

Anonymous said...

yep i've seen it on AH decks, hats, shirts etc. pretty weak to lift it from small beating. -Derek