Monday, October 26, 2009

St. Helena, CA

Took it up to the new park in St. Helena yesterday. In the heart of the Napa Valley wine country where the yuppie reigns supreme there's a sick new park. Bring your helmet and pads if you're going because the St. Helena cops like to give out $100 tickets if you're not wearing them. I guess St. Helena just created a new revenue stream. Grindline killed it, this place is even smoother than Potrero. This park is like having a little slice of the Northwest in the Bay Area. The bowls are fun, especially the Amoeba, but there are a ton of obstacles to hit around the bowls. 20 people can be skating at same time without much of a crash up derby factor. We stayed all day, grilled, stole beers from a company picnic, etc. Dig if you will the picture(s)...

Chad "Chud" Jackon pissing out of his helmet. End of October, over 90 degrees, huh?
Matt Sneddon, stomping the shit out of a b/s smith
Matt Sneddon , hip 5-0
A 40-year old man trapped in the body of a 14 year-old, Theo van Bruggen, 300 m.p.h frontal


Anonymous said...

Rad dude, thanks for putting up my pic!

freakbeatfuzz said...

No problem, just don't kook it!

Anonymous said...

Matt kills it again! --Jeff