Friday, September 11, 2009

Oregon trip

5-days, 15 parks, 1,700 miles round trip. We got rained out in Portland so we didn't get to skate Pier Park, Glenhaven, Hollyfarm or MC's backyard bowl. I mostly just took photos as we arrived at a park or as we were leaving. Surprisingly, this trip ended up only being a two-man crew. Me and Matt. Other heads had business to take care of, job commitments, etc. I can't wait for next year. I didn't take too many photos because I was too busy having the time of my life skating these parks. I didn't get pics of every place we went but you'll get the gist. Big thanks to Dreamland and Grindline for doing things the right way. A big no thanks to Airspeed who has got to be the Wormhout of Oregon and their waste of time shitty parks. I'm looking at you Toledo!

First stop north was Weed, CA. Matt Sneddon with a rocknroll boardslide.

Weed, CA
Burnside, Portland, OR. Mecca for skateboarders. 'nuff said. We only got to skate the dry half due to the rain. It's lumpy and really hard to skate but the locals were rad and I had a blast. I skated better here than anywhere else we went. This place is magic.
Burnside, Portland, OR.
Burnside, Portland, OR. Ran into Andrew Langi from Redwood City, CA. Madonna. He later did a kickflip blunt fakie on the big wall in the back. Gnar! You'll be seeing it in a video or ad soon.
Burnside, Portland, OR. Yours truly, f/s smith grind
Burnside, Portland, OR. Matt, pivot-fakie
Coos Bay, OR this view was right behind where we camped
Coos Bay, OR
Coos Bay, OR
Coos Bay, OR
Coos Bay, OR. Needless to say that the park there is GNARLY. Kevin Kowalski f/s carved over that.
Lincoln City, OR. Possibly the best skatepark in the world. Ran into all kinds of South Bay heads we've been skating with for years and Chilibowl champ Bradley McClain. We actually ran into them 2 more times on our trip.
Lincoln City, OR Matt, cradle action
Lincoln City, OR snake run. The fastest thing I've ever skated.
Lincoln City, old section
Newberg, OR. Super fun and virtually a ghost town.
Reedsport. Lumpy Airspeed park
Toledo, OR Another Airspeed turd. Matt gives the seal of disapproval.
Winston, OR. Amazing park, we sessioned it 3 times.
Winston, OR
Winston, OR
Winston, OR Matt back tailslide
Myrtle Creek, OR Super weird park that we didn't get to really skate much due to someone pouring oil all over the place.
Myrtle Creek, OR Check the oil on the extension. Death trap.
Jacksonville, OR graveyard lurker
Jacksonville, OR Rugged but rad park. Locals were awesome.
Jacksonville, OR


Anonymous said...

lucky bastards!!!!

Anonymous said...

Myrtle Creek looks like a weird dreamscape, not a skatepark. Crazy!